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In this world, we’re all in search for a counterpart
But how can I decide what that is if I don’t even know what I want?

Mother told me when you grow up you will understand
Love’s true meaning, but here I am and I can’t pretend
That I’ve seen even a glimpse of that famed allure
In my dreams, there’s someone out there with a cure

Can I convince myself that you’re out there somewhere
When my heart knows better?
Taking my chances in a reckless pursuit of love
I think I’ve found it, then I realize it’s not enough
Another failure tells me I should have known not to hold faith in my feelings, they’re always misleading me

So tell me, where will I go?

As amorous sparks pull me in
The thrill of the chase clouds my mind again
My caution has all been swept up by the wind
And I know I don’t stand a chance

Cause when the fire dies
Affection suffers its cold demise
It happens every time
I’m stricken with feelings I can’t keep alive

Can anybody here help me bury my doubt?
What if I find you and you don’t even want me?

Where will I go?


from Wander, released May 7, 2014



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